Christmas is a big holiday and very important for some countries in the world. On this day, the family gathered together to celebrate the Lord’s rebirth. One of the indispensable parts on the Christmas table is the cake with distinctive characteristics. Let’s iHowNow around the world to learn the traditional Christmas cakes of countries around the world!

1. Buche de Noel – A piece of tree from France

Buche de Noel also known as Yule is a log, which means a large log inspired by a winter log.

Traditional Buche is usually made from cakes, rolled with cream to form a cylinder and covered with a layer of chocolate on the outside, decorated with natural patterns like bark.

To make the cake look like a log, people often decorate it with snow, twigs, fresh berries and mushrooms made of meringue.

2. Famous Pavlova cake in Australia and New Zealand

Pavlova is an indispensable dessert for Christmas in Australia and New Zealand.

The cake is not made from flour but egg whites are beaten with sugar, filled with marshmallow marshmallows. The top is decorated with strawberries or sour fruits to neutralize the sweetness of the cake.

Another interesting thing is that this cake is named after the Russian bale dancer – Anna Matveyevna Pavlova. She has toured in Australia and New Zealand, her dance moves inspired the chefs to create this cake.

3. Danish almond pudding

In Denmark, the indispensable cake in Christmas is almond pudding.

Almond pudding is made up of three main ingredients: almond, fresh milk and whipping cream.

4. Traditional Scottish Whiskey Dundee Cake

Dundee Whiskey is a favorite cake at Christmas in Scotland.

The main ingredient of the cake is perfect whiskey. This is a wine that Scottish people consider “the water of life” and fruits like raisins, dried cherries, almonds, …

The cake is named by combining the largest city of Scotland, Dundee and the famous wine of this country is Whiskey.

5. Lovely Japanese Christmas cake

Noel is often known only as a major Western holiday. But now, Noel has become an important holiday for many Asian countries, including Japan.

For Japan, the typical dish is Christmas cake.

Traditional Japanese Christmas cake is a sponge cake covered with fresh cream with fresh strawberries, chocolates or seasonal fruits, eye-catching decorations.

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