Steamed squid stuffed with meat has a high nutritional content, and a delicious taste, it is often cooked at weekend gatherings with family or friends. In a simple way and not spending too much time, you can make a strange dish, change the taste of the family.


– 1 kg of large squid

– 200 grams of ground pork meat

– 10 grams of vermicelli

– 4  wood ear mushrooms

– 8 shiitakes

– Ginger, purple onion, green onions.

– Spices: fish sauce, pepper, broth mix


Step 1: Wash the squid, throw away the ink bag, and then you get crushed ginger and white wine in the squid to wash the ink to remove the fishy smell. Then separate the head of the squid and chopped.

Step 2: Shiitakes, wood ear mushrooms, put in warm water to soak to hatch, then wash, cut off the legs, and chopped. Vermicelli in warm water soaked soft and then chopped.

Step 3: Put ground pork, chopped squid head, wood ear fungus, green onions, vermicelli in a bowl, and add pepper, fish sauce, and broth mix with just enough amount to mix well.

Step 4: When you have mixed the mixture well, start stuffing the mixture into the squid and using a toothpick to tighten it. When stuffing, pay attention to stuffing a little loose, so that when steaming the squid will shrink, if you stuff it too tightly when it is cooked, the squid will shrink, the stuffing inside will stick out, making the dish lose its attractive beauty.

Step 5: When the stuffing is finished, put the squid in a pot, and steam it in the water for 15 – 20 minutes for the squid to ripen. When the steaming is finished, put the squid on a plate and then cut it into small slices to taste, and then serve it on a beautiful plate.

Step 6: Please pay attention to the sweet water when steaming the squid, so don’t leave it out, add soy sauce to use as a dipping sauce.

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