Top 5 hot tubs 2021


With this selection of the best hot tubs, you’ll be relaxing in the bubbles in no time.

Dreaming of having one of the best hot tubs to relax in and entertain friends? Whatever your reason, there are enough different models available from the best hot tub brands to suit everybody. These home spas come in a range of color options as well as sizes and styles.

Hot tub prices can vary massively, with some models costing more than $16,000 but many a lot cheaper than this. With this in mind, it’s crucial to do your research and check out our hot tub reviews so that you spend your hard-earned money on the model that’s right for your needs. Or if you want to keep costs down, head over to our guide of the best inflatable hot tubs.

The best hot tubs have a wide array of features, party lovers can enjoy integrated sound systems, drink coolers, and LED lights. Or if it’s relaxation you’re interested in, there are plenty of hot tubs with different massage therapy and jet systems to soothe those aching muscles and joints.

If you’re specifically looking for a way to improve joint pain, however, you might want to consider the best swim spas or keep scrolling to find all of the top-rated hot tubs.

1. Sundance Spa: Best hot tubs overall

Sundance Spas Hot Tubs

  • The best hot tub brand overall, with premium features and plenty of choice
  • Price range: Entry level – luxury
  • Sizes: 2 person to 8 person hot tubs
  • Energy efficient models: Yes

Reasons to buy
+UV-C sanitation and water features+More color options
Reasons to avoid
-Mostly premium and luxury models-SmartTub subscription fee

Sundance Spas offers the best hot tub features, from standard built-in smart capabilities to its adjustable Fluidix jets. Though most of Sundance’s models fall in the premium and luxury price ranges, the brand does offer a good variety of spas
across the entry- and mid-level price ranges in small, medium and large tubs.

Even the less expensive models come with multiple shell, cabinet and cover color options, as well as premium features such as UV-C water sanitation and waterfalls that many other companies charge as upgrades.

All Sundance hot tubs are compatible with the SmartTub mobile app, though this requires a paid subscription after the first year – a bit of a bummer.

2. Master Spas: Best hot tubs for value

Master Spas Hot Tubs

  • The best hot tub company for people seeking a budget spa
  • Price range: Entry level – luxury
  • Sizes: 2 person to 8 person
  • Energy efficient models: Yes

Reasons to buy
+Many entry and mid-priced hot tubs +Unique bio-magnetic therapy+Made in U.S.
Reasons to avoid
-Few customization options

Made in the U.S., Master Spas’ hot tubs offer a good mix of unique standard features and desirable upgrades, especially in the entry-level and mid-level price ranges. The brand has 21 hot tub models, 13 of which fall into the entry-level and mid-level price ranges, and all of which are made in the US.

These hot tubs span all sizes and represent four product lines: Clarity, Healthy living, Twilight, and the Michael Phelps Legend series. Master Spas offers several premium features standard in all models, including waterfalls and a unique bio-magnetic therapy system to relieve aches and pains.

Master Spas also has the best hot tub upgrade options, including both UV-C and ozone sanitation options, a Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth audio.

3. PDC Spas: Best hot tubs with a large capacity

  • This swim spa company also makes some great large capacity hot tubs
  • Price range: Entry-level – luxury
  • Sizes: 2 person to 7 person
  • Energy efficient models: Yes

Reasons to buy
+Good variety of price points+Offers eight, seven person hot tubs+Makes great two-person hot tubs too
Reasons to avoid
-Not the largest range

PDC Spas has a great selection of hot tub and spa combos, but it also creates some of the best hot tubs with a large capacity that we have reviewed. There’s 16 hot tubs in total. The company has two three-person hot tubs, and it has eight models which fit either six or seven people. Each of these hot tubs come with different features and star in a different range of PDC’s hot tub series.

There’s three ranges of hot tubs to choose from. The LifeStyle Series is the most affordable of the group, with the Premium Series bridging the gap to the most premium Luxury Series. These tubs come with a 35-year warranty, but the LifeStyle hot tubs get a comparably weaker 10-year coverage.

4. Cal Spas: Best hot tub company for the biggest range

  • A top-rated hot tub company with the biggest range of spas
  • Price range: Entry level – luxury
  • Sizes: 2 person to 7 person hot tubs
  • Energy efficient models: Yes

Reasons to buy
+51 models and multiple shell colors+Salt water, UV-C and ozone sanitation
Reasons to avoid
-Overwhelming options for features and models -No pricing info

If you’re looking for range, Cal Spas has the largest number of hot tub models of manufactures in this guide. In total, the manufacturer has 51 hot tub models each of which come with several colors to choose from. These also come in a range of shapes, including oval options, triangle-shaped styles and the more traditional square-shaped designs.

Cal Spas also come with plenty of upgrade options too, so you can tailor your tub to your exact style, taste and needs. But while this means there is a Cal Spas hot tub for every home, this means it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding your dream tub. If you’re searching for a Cal Spas hot tub online, it’s hard to directly compare models without speaking to a representative.

So what makes Cal Spas stand out? Out of all the other hot tub companies we researched, this US-based brand is the only manufacturer that offers a saltwater hot tub sanitation option, along with UV-C and ozone options. Other stand-out features include a special hydrotherapy system called the Fountain of Youth.

This feature creates tiny bubbles to increase the amount of oxygen in the water, giving it a silkier feel and encouraging cell and collagen regeneration – hence its name. While another selling point exclusive to Cal Spas is its Adjustable Therapy seat. This lets you adjust your hydrotherapy by controlling the power and type of jet blast.

5. Catalina Spas: Best hot tubs for customization

  • Catalina Spas has plenty of options for jazzing up your home hot tub
  • Price range: Mid-range – luxury
  • Size: 3 person hot tubs to 8 person (seats)
  • Energy Efficient models: Yes

Reasons to buy
+A large variety of features +Models spread across two ranges
Reasons to avoid
-No specific pricing info -No option to change shell color

Catalina Spas was established in 1978, and has a lucrative history of providing hot tubs and swim spas across the nation. They have two ranges of tubs available, with their more affordable Classic line containing six different hot tub models, alongside eight more Luxury tubs.

This is quite a sparse selection compared to other leading hot tub brands, but there is an added bonus with Catalina Spas: each of these hot tubs have a standard set of features, even in the Classic collection, including stainless waterfalls, LED lighting and Bluetooth speakers.

All of Catalina Spas’ hot tubs are made within the US, and they have plenty of cabinet color and tile options to choose from too, if you have a specific color palette or style in mind. For all the customization options you could ever want, Catalina Spas is worth checking out.

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